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A little history goes a long way


A common perception, promoted by asphalt manufactures (and asphalt roofers), is that modern “fiberglass” roofing shingles on the market today are vastly superior to the traditional “organic” asphalt shingle design. These new shingles must be better because they come with 50-year warranties. In fact, the opposite is true.

From the late 1880s until the 1970s, roofing shingles were manufactured by saturating a thick organic mat (cotton, waste paper, and wood fiber) with asphalt and then covering the shingle with a protective stone coating. These organic shingles normally came with 15-year or 20-year warranties, but would often last over 30 years.
In past years, warranties aren’t much of a concern because the organic felt roofing shingles usually lasted longer than the 15 or 20 years for which they were guaranteed. Some organic shingles on a roof today have seen 30 years and are still hanging on. Many roofs with fiberglass shingles, however, aren’t faring as well.
Asphalt industry made a dramatic transformation during the 1970s with the conversion from organic to “fiberglass” mats in the manufacturer of shingles. Initially it appeared that technological advancements would facilitate product improvements. However, with the 1974 oil embargo and economic recessions in the 1980s, asphalt manufacturers focused primarily on lowering production costs—they design “cheaper” shingles.

The Modern Fiberglass Shingle

Historically, the premature failure of fiberglass shingles has involved granular loss and brittleness, cracking and splitting, blistering, curling, buckling, and weeping (water seeping through shingle). When a thorough inspection reveals ANY of these conditions the roof is beyond the “Re-sale Window” and normally requires either replacement or negotiation of a “Roofing Allowance” in order to sell the home.
Fiberglass mats are much thinner and are not saturated with asphalt. Several roofing contractor associations have heard complaints from their member’s that fiberglass shingles are failing within 10 years. Even in central California they have seen shingle splits on roofs in less than 5 years. The problem seems to occur to shingles with a thin or nonexistent back coating. The shingles also seem to have a very high filler content, about 70%, and limited tensile strength.

The premature failure of fiberglass shingles is simply historical fact. By the mid-1990s defective fiberglass shingles were reported by customers and contractors across the country and documented in industry publications. Fiberglas shingles were failing in less than 15 years, but asphalt manufacturers did not initiate any recall products. Asphalt manufacturers did not recall defective shingles or even warn customers about known defects, instead the manufactures started to increase shingle warranty periods in order to sell more defective shingles.

The bottom line is that asphalt shingle warranties are simply marketing tools and do not indicate either product quality or durability.


Meet The Last Roof You Will Ever Buy

Design and Durability

Arrowline, permanent metal shakes were developed for the roofing and for sidewall applications. EDCO utilizes the latest technology to be environmentally safe, easy to install, and a cost-effective choice compared to fiberglass shingles. It’s more than just an ordinary shingle. Unlike traditional roofing products, Arrowline shakes will not warp, split, peel, or crack. Their products have been successfully tested in winds in excess of 140 miles an hour. They easily withstand frigid north wood winters as well as the blistering southern sun. Coated with a deluxe KYNAR 500 finish to maximize color retention, Arrowline shakes are available in a full range of 11 Energy Star approved standard colors. Unique double-embossing patterns increase panel strength enough to be walked on and can be applied over existing roofs, thereby reducing installation cost.


Excellent Performance

Arrowline shakes have a unique four-way interlocking system that allows them to be installed quickly and easily, which helps keep labor costs to a minimum. This four-way interlock system locks up in the harshest of weather conditions. Permanent and virtually maintenance free, an Arrowline roof will last for years to come without incurring typical upkeep expenses.