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Yes. The Man Cave

AKA The Shop

This part of the structure serves a very important part in the housing design.

Face it, the garage can be just as important to a person who has to maintain the premise as a properly functioning kitchen. Most new homeowners have no concept of what I mean by maintaining the premise. As your home ages, and hopefully your family grows, changes occur. Light and moisture are constantly attacking your home, expansion from heat and cold—all elements that your builder cannot control after the home is built.


Build or Replace

Building a garage is a great way to increase the value of your home and increase your storage space at the same time. With a garage you'll also protect your car, workspace, tools, and lawn and garden equipment. Not to mention the added storage space.

Auto Repair and Maintenance

Automobiles require cleaning and upkeep. Many people like working and fine-tuning their ride. Most municipalities don't like homeowners working on their cars. We all can’t afford to shop out the cleaning and upkeep on our second investment. Go ahead and create the personal space for your car.



Added Storage Space

One of the top functions for a garage is storage. Storage needs for one family are not the same for the next. Take the time to go over your family storage needs with the builder.

To the average male,

the garage is much more than that; it’s a workspace where you can escape to build things such as shelves for the house, fix broken items, repair and reconstruct an old car, or build model airplanes and cars. A designed interior with the best garage flooring ideas can be so much more than a place to park the car or store excess items; it can be a man’s dream workshop and place to escape on the weekends and immerse himself in a project to relax

Building a garage is a great way to increase the value of your home

We can design and build a garage to your specifications. Or design one the fits your needs and supply you with a set of building documents to build it yourself.

You can build your own garage with garage kits. They normally provide everything you need to build your garage in a variety of styles, with customized packages available. As kits come in several widths, lengths, and heights, a completed building is bound to fit one, two, or three cars, with two-story garages offering a second-story studio that's perfect for additional storage or hobbies. You can build a one-car garage in 14’ and 18' widths, a two-car garage in 22’, 24’, and 26' widths, and a two-story garage that's 24' wide with a second story.