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Making the Case For A Deeper Counter-top

How Much Time do You Spend in the Kitchen Cooking?

Guaranteed you love a 30-inch deep counter-top


I do a lot of cooking, and I frequently find myself in need of more counter space. It could be that I just like lots if room, but, I am not the only one that comes up with this encounters this problem. All too often I hear the same complaint. : There simply isn’t enough of it, or it’s in the wrong place. As far as I’m concerned, most kitchens do not have enough counter space, and it is in the wrong place. Several culprits are to blame. The kitchen triangle is one—. The the sink, stove, and refrigerator.

As you can see in the upper picture the 24 24-inch deep counter still isn’t deep enough for most kitchen work. Not only is there no space to lay things out, it becomes impractical to leave out the small appliances you need to have handy for food preparation. If you do keep them out on the counter, you have no room to work. You soon have to start stacking your work vertically rather than horizontally.

It’s natural and optimally efficient for us to spread out our work so that everything is easy to see and easy to reach. When we don’t have enough horizontal or side-to-side space, we start to work vertically. In other words, we stack. Containers are placed on top of containers; utensils and packages are placed on top of refrigerators or ranges or in sinks, or anywhere we can find space. Does this sound painfully familiar? There is an answer. It comes in the form of the 30 30-inch deep counter.

The Bottom Line is Work Space

A Designated Landing Area

A certain amount of counter space is needed within each work center to serve as a place to put some of the things used there. This is called a landing area.

A landing area will need to be at least 16 inches deep and between 28 inches and 48 inches above finished floor. It is measured along the front edge of the counter-top. Because base cabinets are usually about 24 inches deep, the back 8 inches will be available for storing items that are of regularly regular use, or of temporarily kept items at the center such as a mixer, but this area is not needed for the counter area as a landing area. Clearance will be needed about around the landing area to fully access it and to complete tasks. At least 15 inches of clearance will be needed above the landing area for it to count as usable counter-top frontage.

The minimum landing area requirement at the sink are is 24 inches to 18 inches on one side and 18 inches-either side on the other. Let’s say the dishwasher is on the left side of the sink some customers may consider It is not this important staging area to load and unload the dishwasher, make this your larger dedicated landing area. As which side of the sink the areas are on, as long as they are immediately adjacent on on the left and right side of the sink.

The landing area will be used for some of the food preparation tasks as mentioned earlier: a place to sit the pot while the water is being turned on, or where the washed vegetable will be places placed or peeled. The landing area will also be important during cleanup since the dirty dishes might be located on one side, or as a place to set the drain board has to be set on the counter. More generous landing areas might be required to meet the cooking needs for of some cooks.

Preparation Area

Counter space will be needed immediately next to the sink for mixing and other preparation activities. This will serve as the primary preparation/work area, sometimes called the prep area.

Consider these other important work areas:

  • Baking Area
  • Seated Work Area
  • Food Preservation Work Area

Solid Surfaces

Two of the largest manufactures known locally are Cambria and Corian by Dupont. Solid surfaces are generally are composed of resins, and polyesters. The mix depends on the manufacturer, who usually trademarks the name. Regardless of which product you choose, solid surfaces are very unique do due to the fact, that they take abuse better than any other kitchen surface. The cell structure of their surfaces are tight, which give them the ability of resisting to resist stains and burn marks. As the name implies they are a solid material which lends itself to be easily repaired. The only draw back to solid surface materials are that they are expensive and they really don't like heat.


Granite comes from all over the U.S., which lends itself to a wide range of colors. Granite has gained popularity of over the years do due to its growing choice in colors. Its surface is like glass, it cleans easily, is hard to stain, and will take a hot pan. Granite is, however, one of the most expensive surfaces you can use. A couple of drawbacks in my view one is the expense of the material and installation, and the second, aesthetically speaking, in my views that it overpowers the rest of the kitchen. The most important aspect I want you to take away from this article is expense. Typically you could purchase most of your appliances for the increased cost of granite tops.

Custom Laminates

Laminate makes an excellent choice in a counter-top surface; its many patterns are pleasing in appearance and functionality. It resists scuffs and stains, and its smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain Counter-top laminate is made by combining layers of paper and resins into a single, semi-rigid plastic sheet. All paper layers are soaked in a resin, which serves as a glue and binder. The layers are then pressed together while cooked, which forces all the papers and resins to chemically bond into one plasticized sheet. With such a verity variety of patterns and colors, not to mention how easy on the budget it is, I think this product is a winner 8 out of 10 times in kitchen design.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile offer a large range of options in terms of colors, patterns, and sizes— everything from 4” to 12.”. However, you do end up with the dreaded grout lines. In a contemporary pattern, the grout lines can be butt joints as thin as 1/16 of an inch. Ceramic tiles take the heat of hot pots and pans, and if you combined with other materials such as wood, granite, and solid surfaces to you can create dynamic looking counter tops. A word of caution when choosing ceramic tile— avoid the use of glossy tile. High-gloss tile will scratch and loses shine over time, a better choice would be a matte finish. Be sure to choose a tile that has plenty of trim pieces available—, bull-noses are required for a finished edge.

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A Few Final Thoughts

In closing, counter tops are just one piece of the puzzle in kitchen design. You don't want to spend the majority of your budget on one piece of your kitchen design. A counter-top that stands out from other parts of the kitchen, detracts from the kitchen as a whole. Striking the right balance of cabinetry, appliances, counter-top, and sinks are all parts that makes up, the a functional kitchen.

30-inch counter tops give you the ability to have plenty of small appliances at your fingertips and out of your way to help speed up food preparation. Giving you more time spend with your family or guest.

Whatever you choose for a counter-top surface should meet your style of living. If you choose granite counter tops they will consume a considerable amount of your kitchen budget, leaving you to buy less expensive appliances and leaving you to choose between an inexpensive floor and cabinet design. For those of you who can afford granite counter tops be sure to choose the a universal color that can meet your future kitchen remodeling needs as well as your immediate project at hand.

Some cooks may prefer a partial counter space a few inches lower than the traditional height for kneading dough by hand.

We believe that when whenever possible a 36-inch high counter space can serve for a specialized working height, and are very useful to specific tasks in your kitchen.

Mixing up surfaces can give a finished look of beauty and a substantial saving on the budget. A designated counter-top can be a solid surface, while the rest of the counter tops can be constructed of plastic laminate. This combination looks great and adds the appearance of depth to the kitchen.