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Cabinetry and Dry Storage Informational Page

Cabinetry can also dominate a kitchen design budget.

It generally represents between 25% and 50% of a kitchen’s total cost. There are basically four types of cabinetry on the market today: stock modular, semi-custom modular, custom modular, and custom millwork. Let’s look at them one at a time, from the least to the most expensive.


Modern Style Cabinets

Red and White Oak

Both are domestic hardwoods in nature and grow differently in various parts of the country. Northern white oak is often sought out in the making of wine barrels. Red oak has a typical pink huehue, which to the verity giving to its name of red oak is how it got its name. Both oaks are very durable compared to softer woods. White oak is harder and less stable then its cousin, red oak. Finishing texture on both types are very sought after, and the cost of material makes oak a favorite in many kitchens.


Black cherry or American cherry both are referred to as cherry wood. Cherry has a tight and straight grain and is resistant to decay, making it a very stable wood. Cherry tends to darken with age and, is very easy to work with, and moderately priced. The only drawback with cherry wood is it doesn’t stain well— its best left to use a clear coat in my opinion.


Black walnut heartwood is a light to deep chocolate brown, occasionally with a purple tinge; heartwood color can be variablevary in shade. Walnut is not as dent dent-resistant as oak. but well known to be very stable in an environment with fluctuating changing moisture environment. It has a very nice clear finish properties and tends to be straight straight-grained, making it a stable cabinet choice.


Heartwood tends to be light to medium brown, with a reddish hue; sapwood is a paler yellowish yellowish-brown, and is one of the species of wood where sapwood and heartwood have a unique appearance. Hickory is, pound per pound, one of the toughest woods around. I have made many cabinets with hickory; it’s hard to work with but well worth the price in my opinion. Highly sought after in for use of in hardwood flooring.


Contempary Style Cabinets

The choice of wood or metal as cabinet material is not a simple one as each material offers its own advantage. Wood doors and drawers with their quiet operation and their warm feel, texture, and appearance, may create a more comfortable, or homelike, atmosphere. Metal Metal-style cabinets are durable, and stronger, and easier to clean then your modern wood cabinet, but when damage occurs it can be very expensive to repair. Another advantage to contemporary styled cabinets is the ease of cleaning and that finishes are certainly more durable.

Contemporary style cabinets are expensive, adding undo budget constraints to most homeowners. If a cabinet budget is not a problem then finishes and styles are numerous and are quite eloquent.




Transitional Style

Clean, modern lines meet traditional craftsmanship. The resulting combination can be described as clean and transitional. Dark Dark-weathered finishes, simple shaker doors, and modern stainless steel pulls add light ivory granite countertops and a stone / glass backsplash in a subway tile pattern adds warmth to the room . Finish the room with a warm beige shade of paint on the walls to pull it all together.