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Additions are A Great Way of Customizing Your Living Space

Adding Additional Living Space Can Dramatically Improve Day To Day Living.

One thing I can say for certain that when it’s time to remodel or adding a addition make sure it fits both residents and the character of the existing home. We can start by inventorying the existing home and how we can build upon this to meet your needs. For example, wood moldings, solid hardwood floors can be quite exquisite if we want to to bring this feature into the addition. . Taking note of our existing living space throughout our home will certainly help in developing a budget for your addition.


Homeowners have many reasons for additions, for the most part they like where they live and cultivated the home over the years and leaving is not an option. If you feel your kitchen is to small or you need a additional bathroom, bedroom or four season porch let Cabernet Design and Builders help design the addition the way you want. Make your home your design for your lifestyle

The post-recession leaves the customer a little more cautious and more sensible about expenses. Customers want quality, but they are not as convinced as they once were the quality is so important. Here at Cabernet design we want to build better quality usable space that is not focused on quantity. For the most part the investment pays dividends in one of two ways. First the owner gets use of the added space of the addition and second a majority of all additions increase the resale value of their home.


Keeping it Simple

The whole idea is to make a little remodeling go a long way. How do we do that by keeping it simple, is the addition need a hot tub or just a bathtub for the kids. Who is going to use the hot tub is it going to be in the master bath, does the budget allow for master bath. Let’s keep it simple what does your needs and your future needs have in common? We will sit down and examine these questions and come up with a solution that is simple, but quite inexpensive.

Work within the existing footprint

When customers think about remodeling, they often think of adding additional square feet. This can be costly, there are many options or small alterations without having to add to the footprint of the existing structure. For example removing or opening up a wall, adding some storage space or rearranging the way you move through a room.

An option, the bump out

Now what are the benefits of a bump out, we are targeting a specific area in need of more space. The addition of a couple extra feet to make a big difference in a room. With the addition of a bump out it is a minimal intrusion on the exterior of the structure. The reason for this is cost, remember the exterior walls of your home is basically a weather barrier. It is far more cost effective to remodel then an interior space, and still meet your needs.

Just a little goes a long way

Probably the last step and yet it is too often overlooked as an option by people were planning to modify their home to fit them better. Mr. usually start with an addition that is too big. Adding just a little to the structure is the step of last resort. Keep in mind that the solution usually cost more money because it involves more square footage. But when it is accomplished even a small addition can be a cost-effective strategy when compared with alternatives such as a substantial renovation, moving or building a new house.